COVID Hosting Guide

We’re delighted to welcome you once more in our resort from June 19th. Here at Entourage, we’re so lucky to be surrounded by water and green space in order to take advantage of our great summer weather!

So that you can have a really safe and secure hotel experience, we’ve included some new safety measures which abide by the Public Health instructions issued by the federal and provincial governments.

Please read this Guide prior to your stay with us!


Your Entourage is extra-safe

You’ll be welcomed by a dedicated team, trained to emphasize the highest standards of safety measures in a sensitive context like the Covid 19 pandemic. Each employee, supplier or guest that you see around the resort has to fill out a questionnaire about their health before entering the site.

Although we have always had extremely rigorous cleaning procedures answering to the highest standards of the hotel industry, new methods have been added so that everything that is handled in our communal spaces by employees or guests is regularly disinfected : for example, door handles, handrails, furniture, card readers, bathrooms, chairs, sports and leisure equipment.

To further increase your security, we have relaxed our cancellation policy. So if you’re anxious about the way the situation is developing, you may cancel on the day of your arrival at no charge.

On-line check-in

Fill out the online check-in form which you’ll receive 24 hours before you arrive at the hotel. This will avoid a line-up at reception, where protective panels have been installed so that we can welcome you with a smile but no physical contact. Your check-in will be easier and quicker.  

Room cleaning

To make your environment safer, we’ve set up new procedures and safety measures, especially through the disinfection of 15 frequent contact zones by a specially trained team. The door seal ensures that you are the first person to arrive in the room after it has been cleaned by a member of the team. Each room will have been left unoccupied for a minimum of 36 hours. 

All non-essential items have been removed, such as cotton swabs, extra pillow and blankets. They are available on request and will be delivered to your door, as will bath products and clean towels.

We aim to reduce the number of visits to your room, so during your stay, no room cleaning will be done.  Cleaning products and disinfectants will be provided if you wish to clean the room yourself. 

Social distancing of two meters

Distancing is the most effective way of avoiding contagion and we thank you in advance for respecting this guideline. To make it easier, there are signs and arrows on the ground in strategic places. Communal areas have also been re-organized to respect the 2-meter rule.

Our employees promise to respect this distance with their colleagues and with guests wherever possible. Otherwise, masks are mandatory for our employees.

The management has also decided to limit occupation of the establishment so as to offer you extra space in communal areas.

Hand-washing stations

Hand disinfectant distributors have been placed at all entrances and communal outdoor and indoor areas, such as reception, restaurant, meeting rooms, elevator landings etc. You must disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the resort and we suggest that you perform this simple task as often as possible during your stay.

Our employees and suppliers must also abide by this rule.

Getting around the resort

Use the stairs as much as possible during your stay, unless of course there are special circumstances or for transporting luggage. This will help to reduce waiting time at the elevators which must be kept as free as possible for essential personnel, given that only one person/family at a time may occupy the elevator.

There will also be demarcation lines for waiting in the various indoor and outdoor service areas. We’d like to thank you in advance for your patience during this exceptional period.

A new hotel experience 

We have adapted some of our services so as to respect the guidelines issued by the government. So although our dining-room is closed, we have a varied and accessible take-out menu that you can sample in your room or anywhere on our site while respecting social distancing.

We are happy to provide sports equipment such as paddleboards, kayaks, pedalos and bicycles as well as group activities whose number of participants will be limited. The summer schedule will be available shortly.

According to new government regulations, it will be allowed to use the pool and jacuzzi this summer.